A View From the Hill

View From The Hill is a series of stories that reflect on the Beatitudes and how these words are still relevant today.

The Beatitudes Project was the vision of Stuart Garrard (former guitarist from the British band Delirious?) and took the form of a book, an album and a film.

We travelled to India, The Holy Land, UK and across the USA to capture personal stories that reflect what the Beatitudes mean for us today. We also filmed in recording studios as the album was being written and recorded. It features John Mark McMillan, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Hillsong UNITED, Martin Smith, Stu Garrard, All Sons & Daughters, The Brilliance, Amanda Cook, Propaganda, Terrian Bass, and Anthony Skinner – drawing from this wide pool of talent shared heart and musicianship intended to bring these biblical values to life in a refreshing and relevant way.