About Us • Our Team

There are a lot of video production companies out there, why work with us? We are a team bonded by supreme creativity, enthusiasm for cutting edge tech, we still get a bit giddy by a great frame, and a dynamic drone shot. We have a wide-ranging skillset and a fantastic team who know how to get the job done well. But, what connects us beyond all these things is our belief that stories have the power to make a difference. We want to bring hope and change in difficult circumstances. We’ve spent nearly 20 years of film-making investing in that goal, by telling stories that move people to action.
We are proud to enjoy many long-term client relationships and are also constantly on the the look out for new projects and the next adventure. We’ve put our money where our mouths are more than once. We’re not afraid to take a risk, especially if it’s telling a story that the world really needs to hear. We are proud to offer our experience in filming, editing, aerial filming, animation, music composition and photography. We do scripting, full service, collaboration, on the fly and off the page. We know the importance of bring nimble and honourable, the skill of falling asleep in a truck on a dirt track, the power of a shared meal, and the value of being at the top of our game at all times. One of top team values is ‘family’,  which says something, given that we are both UK and US based.


UK Team

Tim Neeves

Founder • Director

Mairi Neeves

Director • Producer

Sarah Walker


Kate Green


Thomas Williams

Senior Creative

Alex Whittle

Senior Producer

USA Team

Jeff Arnold

US Creative Director

Katie Rae Bode


Avery Clark

Camera Operator • Editor