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Prospect Arts is an award-winning production company with 25 years experience across TV, film, and digital. We work for some of the world’s most respected brands and non-profit organisations. We have also produced a number award- winning independent films.

Our focus is on the power of the human story, as we show how individuals can be change makers and bring hope to those around them. We’ve spent over two decades of film-making investing in that goal, by telling stories that move people to action.

Our drive is to showcase creativity, beauty and innovation in every story we tell, and celebrate the good things around us. We want to inspire, educate, and ultimately move people towards more positive ways of living, caring for the environment, showings acts of love, generosity and mercy.

UK Team

Tim Neeves

Founder • Director

Mairi Neeves

Director • Producer

Sarah Walker


Thomas Williams

Head of Production

Matt Benn

Matt Benn

DP • Editor

Kate Green


USA Team

Jeff Arnold

US Creative Director

Katie Rae Bode