The Final Fix

This hard-hitting 90 minute feature doc unpacks the Opioid Crisis in America and looks at N.E.T. (Neuro Electric Therapy), a potential treatment for the addiction that offers great results and costs little more than a 9v battery to run. Celebrities such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Pete Townsend all kicked the habit using this cheap and drug-free treatment. Yet despite its potential, it has been ignored and sidelined for the last 40 years – perhaps because it might threaten huge pharmaceutical mega-giants who would lose billions if the electronic machine took off. This film investigates the promises of NET and offers a previously unseen look at addiction and rehabilitation.

This was a hugely moving project for us. We were initially intrigued by the premise, but it was really in meeting those we filmed (both the addicts and those working help them) that made this project so very compelling. We’re thrilled to get it out and hope it will prompt serious consideration of opioid addiction and how it is treated. 

Working with Director Norman Stone (BAFTA and Emmy winning director) we partnered to see this independent production into life. Consequently involved in all areas of the production including storyboarding, filming and editing. Narrated by Ewan McGregor.

The film has recently been completed and is soon to screen across the US.