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02 Jun Instagram Update

Travel and filmmaking are both amazing and stretching processes. Like yesterday morning, we started filming at 6am to get that beautiful golden sunrise. We showed up at a chicken farm with over 35k chickens (seriously) to get a time lapse of it all. The morning was bitter cold in Zimbabwe...

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26 Apr Instagram Update

We took a walk around one of the slums here in Nairobi today, despite the horrific conditions people are living in we always seem to welcomed with big smiles! #compassion #charity #kenya #prospectarts #storyteller #storytelling #aid #slum #children #a7sii #poverty #africa...

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30 Jan Instagram Update

Meet Saidou. Three years ago he fell into a fire that caused severe burn contracture sealing his arms to his sides and melting his jaw to his chest. His mouth dropped so low and shrunk to 1cm wide. Saidou's father, Bani, sold 2 cows to pay for his son's first...

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