IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING LAB • Prospect Arts Video Production
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360 Photo Refugee Children


We can offer a wide range of innovative VR, AR and 360° video experiences.

The Prospect Arts Immersive Storytelling Lab has been established to explore how emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 360˚ film can help to enhance participation and create dynamic experiences that deliver social change. We sit at the crossroads between cutting-edge technology, impactful narrative and immersive storyworlds.
We see engagement as a tool to raise awareness and build creative interactions between audience and story. This allows us to harness insight that gives a better understanding of the issues we are exploring. In using a more informed approach, we can create ongoing dialogue around the core themes and questions, with the people and communities in these situations and, subsequently, with our audiences.
Ultimately, we want the audience to actively experience the story close-up, so that they can have a greater understanding, and feel something of what it would be like to be in ‘their’ shoes.
For every project, the Lab delivers dynamic audience engagement in three ways:
  • Localised community level engagement
  • Multiplatform cultural level engagement
  • Immersive, globalised, society level engagement
We have an innovative team of filmmakers, storytellers, game designers, producers and creative technologists that work on projects, either generated in-house or through partnership with our wide network of commercial collaborators.
Our latest adventure is using VR to create awareness around the issues of forced marriages and honour crimes (watch this space!)
Adipat heads up the Immersive Storytelling Lab at Prospect Arts.
Adipat has qualifications from Oxford and Cambridge that include an MBA and MA’s in Design Strategy and Innovation, Advanced Architectural Studies and Screenwriting. Key areas of expertise are in audience engagement strategy, organisational behaviour mechanics, strategic narrative thinking and experience design and measurement to provide innovative and effective solutions to complex problems. A key project was working with 50 teams across the BBC to design, develop and deliver their ‘Future of Content’ blueprint.
Over the last decade, Adipat has applied this knowledge to Immersive storytelling and worked with various organisations to develop cutting edge storyworlds and IP. With a keen interest in using narrative for social justice, Adipat is currently continuing to expand his Forced Marriage and Honour Crime storyworld ( a finalist at the New Frontier Story Lab at Sundance).
“I hope to bring creative and critical thinking to Prospect in order to gamify advocacy and facilitate the emergence of meaningful story experiences that trigger real world social change!”