A major part of any film or video production is the music track. This is the foundation of the shape and feel of a piece, which can influence the audience more than any other single aspect. Because our main work at Prospect Arts is producing films from the ground up, we understand the mode of writing music for screen – how to score, arrange and produce the right tracks for a given film. We have an in-house studio equipped with some of the latest and best recording gear, audio plug-ins and software instruments. We also have a beautiful Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano, which sounds fantastic.


We work predominantly with Logic Pro and Pro Tools, with Waves and Universal Audio processing plugins, and love using sounds from Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Vienna Symphony Library, amongst others. And whilst we often produce music in-house, we also work with a team of great producers, writers, arrangers and performers to pull together the right style and sound, whether it’s a cinematic neo-classical score, or a bluegrass or dubstep soundscape.