Inspire Pro X5


Prospect Arts utilise the latest in drone and photographic technology, running a variety of craft, from our heavy lift Hercules, capable of carrying our RED Epic Dragon, to our DJI Inspire with X5 camera and also our DJI phantom with GoPro Hero 4.

Our experience in the of field ariel filming means access to a vast array of locations and and unique perspectives on some of the most diverse landscape and stories on the planet.

At Prospect Arts we are not only experts when it comes to aerial work, we are also specialists in telling stories. We know how to turn powerful aerial camera work into a truly stunning final product. Prospect Arts’ team of pilots, camera operators, filming equipment and SUSA have been assessed by the resource group in accordance with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations. All of our crew members have undertaken extensive training to achieve our RPQ qualifications and are approved by the CAA. We are based in the UK and USA, but our ability to film globally is well-established.

Unlike many aerial companies, our experience spans the globe. We have filmed in city centres, slums in India and the Philippines, the expansive plains of Africa and in the beautiful suburbs of London – to name a few. We always comply with local and national flight regulations in accordance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)  recommended and required flight procedures, legal practices and with local or national governing authorities when applicable.