The Big Takeaway • Prospect Arts Video Production
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The Big Takeaway

In Production
About This Project


We live in a day when travel is accessible, tourism is promoted, and sharing your adventures through social media is the norm. What we often don’t realize, though, is that our travel leaves a footprint; it’s not without cost.


At the same time, increasing attention to environmental issues means that we are beginning to reassess our carbon footprint, make sure all our travel is meaningful and “worth it”.


In this series, we look at how we can travel as contributors to global good rather than consumers of its best. We investigate the stories behind every beautiful landscape – from supporting local surf companies in Hawaii, to learning about the indigenous free diving communities of the Philippines, to exploring the rice patties of Japan. This series will be a guide of what really means to explore.


We have partnered with a team of incredible filmmakers, organisations and advocates in the hope of inspiring a new generation of eco-conscious travellers, committed to give back more than they take, with each and every step.