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30 Jan Instagram Update

Meet Saidou. Three years ago he fell into a fire that caused severe burn contracture sealing his arms to his sides and melting his jaw to his chest. His mouth dropped so low and shrunk to 1cm wide. Saidou’s father, Bani, sold 2 cows to pay for his son’s first surgery. Saidou has now had multiple operations and yet there are still repercussions that he has from the fall. Yet his gentle, kind spirit over rules his trauma. Two weeks ago, he had his latest surgery with Mercy Ships that allowed him to move his arms past 90 degrees! We followed him to the operating room today as he had his next surgery on his neck. Today, he was all smiles and played soccer with everyone that was willing to pass him the ball. He laughed for the first time the nurses have known him. Saidou may bare the marks of a fire but every fiber in his body speaks resilience and courage. This ship is truly remarkable in how it’s changing and saving lives.

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